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Hollaphonic - Paraná [Tomorrowland Music]

  • Publicado el 7 abr 2022
  • British, Dubai-based electronic duo Hollaphonic are proving themselves to be masters of House once again with another striking house record ‘Paraná’, released through Tomorrowland Music! Capturing their iconic tech-house sound with catchy vocals, irresistible melodies and thumping beats, the club-ready bass-line is just begging to be blasted out of pounding speakers over a dance floor. ‘Paraná’ is an infectious piece of house music with an edge of soul & funk, an absolute earworm that’s sure to ring around the globe over the coming weeks.
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    Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever,...
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Comentarios • 45

    MORENA Hace un mes +6


  • WalberKenway Psn
    WalberKenway Psn Hace un mes +1

    Cara se tiver um novo festival aqui no Brasil eu juro que eu não perco de jeito nenhum!

  • Synshade
    Synshade Hace un mes +7

    That's good (that's why Tomorrowland posted it) and the thing is that it sounds headbanging kinda ..

    • Lucas M
      Lucas M Hace un mes

      @Synshade am I missing something? This is just another house song

    • Synshade
      Synshade Hace un mes +2

      @username taken dude , I actually listen and produce all the genres including progressive house, slap house , trap ,hip hop , future bass and Dubstep too , so as a producer i found this one good 😄..
      Have a good day..

    • username taken
      username taken Hace un mes +2

      its boring if you want headbanging check excision or svdden death

  • Lucas Matias Ramos
    Lucas Matias Ramos Hace un mes +5


  • Silas Bruno
    Silas Bruno Hace un mes +5

    Quando vocês vão realizar no Brasil?

    • MORENA
      MORENA Hace un mes +3

      @Julio César Agora se tiver novamente o Tomorrowland aqui no Brasil será muito incrível😍 o Festival que mais amo é o Tomorrowland.

    • MORENA
      MORENA Hace un mes +3

      @Julio César Atá achei que fosse se referindo show no Paraná 😍😂

    • Julio César
      Julio César Hace un mes +3

      @MORENA ele está falando do Tomorrowland Brasil...

    • MORENA
      MORENA Hace un mes +3

      Paraná fica no Brasil, talvez você se esqueceu né? Mas agora lembrará.

  • Greg Stainer
    Greg Stainer Hace un mes +1

    YESSSSS!! 🔥💀

    DJ BERLIM Hace un mes +7

    tomorrowland exploring new styles in electronic In addition to edm now tech house

    • Lucas M
      Lucas M Hace un mes

      This is house…?

  • House Grooves
    House Grooves Hace 16 días

    Tune! 🔊🔊🔊

  • paweł szczepanik
    paweł szczepanik Hace un mes

    0:42 electronic 🔊💥💥💣💣

  • iwasaq DJ
    iwasaq DJ Hace un mes


  • Marc corrance
    Marc corrance Hace un mes

    Whoooop wooooooooopp 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐰👍

  • Ñery Chaco Argentina
    Ñery Chaco Argentina Hace un mes +1

    Paraná, Entre Ríos??? Qué bueno cheeee!!! 📸

  • Ali Irfan
    Ali Irfan Hace un mes


  • white music 3.O
    white music 3.O Hace un mes +2

    Superrr 👌👌👌

  • Lê Mỹ Hân 👸
    Lê Mỹ Hân 👸 Hace un mes +2

    a really good song 👍🥰❤️

  • João Vitor SrKatra
    João Vitor SrKatra Hace un mes +3


  • Tamii- Pasame la chelita. Sant

    Si rifa💚💜


    Bom Dia !👍

  • Md Sadik
    Md Sadik Hace un mes +2


  • Vi G G
    Vi G G Hace un mes +1


  • MusicRoomHD
    MusicRoomHD Hace 9 días +1


  • Amaya Carreño Fominaya


  • Mente Fria
    Mente Fria Hace 16 días

    Pernambuco Brasil 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • John Roomenburg
    John Roomenburg Hace un mes +1


  • StivEdine Music
    StivEdine Music Hace un mes


  • Lalo Carrasco
    Lalo Carrasco Hace un mes +1