Charlotte de Witte | Tomorrowland Belgium 2018

  • Publicado el 19 jul 2018
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  • HouseGurke
    HouseGurke Hace un año +737

    Imagine that set in a bunker instead of open air in daylight. Only short bursts of strobe light breaking through the darkness. No phones, no singing. You wait for the drop, the excitement builds and builds. Finally you feel the bass vibrating, you close your eyes and feel how the music takes you to another dimension.

    • pham sumi
      pham sumi Hace 22 días

      What are you taking?

    • TSビートフレンド
      TSビートフレンド Hace 29 días


    • Marty
      Marty Hace un mes

      Cedric :D

    • gazagunguy1
      gazagunguy1 Hace un mes

      Couldn’t have put it better myself! Not much else in life comes close to that feeling!!

  • Aristeo Gayosso
    Aristeo Gayosso Hace un año +202

    Aunque No lo crean, tengo 67 años de edad y toda mi juventud fue ese ambiente y con esa música y música electrónica, No los quiero perder, y seguir con ustedes FELICIDADES,

    • Golden Exito
      Golden Exito Hace 5 meses +2

      salud y dinero para todo aquel que lea esto mucho cariño desde latino america. C I T A S brillantes.... yeeehhh

    • Aquiles Peralta
      Aquiles Peralta Hace 7 meses +4

      Nojodaaaaaaas tú eres de los míos, 42 y digo como un carajito

    • Frank Van den boogaard
      Frank Van den boogaard Hace 9 meses +1

      Si si , mas o menor...

    • Junito Diaz
      Junito Diaz Hace un año +15

      No importa! No hay edad para escuchar EDM !!!!!
      Mucha salud!

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim Hace 11 meses +30

    Gewerbe 15
    by FJAAK 00:07
    Carnival Of Souls by Spektre 04:00
    by Thomas Schumacher 10:03
    Racidence by Keith Carnal 15:01
    by Wehbba 18:00
    by Charlotte De Witte 22:57
    by Charlotte de Witte 25:57
    This by Charlotte De Witte 31:00
    I Can Wait (Rudosa Remix)
    by The Reactivitz 35:02
    The First Rebirth (Charlotte De Witte Rework)
    by Jones & Stephenson 40:57
    by Flug 47:02
    U (I Got A Feeling) (Eats Everything Remix)
    by Scot Project 51:02

  • HUMAN x2
    HUMAN x2 Hace 3 meses +13

    First time hearing her. She’s amazing and such a bright personality. She flows the music with the crowd easily.

  • The Tracklist Guy
    The Tracklist Guy Hace 3 años +3792

    00:00 FJAAK - Gewerbe 15 [thanks to: A]
    04:00 Spektre - Carnival of Souls
    10:00 Thomas Schumacher - Embody
    15:00 Keith Carnal - Racidence
    18:00 Wehbba - Process
    23:00 Charlotte de Witte - Kuda
    26:00 Charlotte de Witte - Remember [thanks to: Christos Vasilakis]
    31:00 Charlotte de Witte - This
    35:00 Rudosa - Activated [thanks to: Off Limitz]
    41:00 Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Charlotte de Witte Rework)
    47:00 Flug - Rave
    51:00 Scot Project - U (I Got A Feeling) (Eats Everything Reebeef)

  • Jaime Galdamez
    Jaime Galdamez Hace un año +32

    una de las mejores entradas de concierto clásica y ala vez muy emocionante para este parte del genero electrónico sin duda clásico moderno unido como puede hacer Charlotte

  • Carlos Fragoso
    Carlos Fragoso Hace un mes +2

    My favorite Charlotte's set. It really gets me in the zone.

  • Alexandre Ramos
    Alexandre Ramos Hace 3 meses +1

    Já perdi as contas de quantas vezes já escutei esse set

  • Frank K
    Frank K Hace 5 meses +6

    Absolutely powerful set, Charlotte rocks it. Xx❤️❤️

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega Hace 3 años +236

    What a freakin set!!! I never heard of her until now, and now im a fan for life!!!!! Im glad Tomorrowland lets people like her on main stage so people like me can hear her!!!!!

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses +1

      V. Vega. I' ve got somethin' in common with u. I went through the same journey at the same time as u. She' s gr8 ! I' ve known loads o' dj's and i'm also glad 2 discover her at that time. I' ve been listening 2 many sets of her over + over 'til now.

    • Josh Bowdish
      Josh Bowdish Hace 3 años +1

      I appreciate this comment, so good to see other people discovering music and liking it instead of the testosterone filled "My music is finally on the mainstage and it's too good for the sheeple". This is the first set of hers I've found and you bet I'm going to go see her wherever I can!

    • Erik
      Erik Hace 3 años +1

      If you prefer a powerfull set you should check her set a Sonar Festival ;)

  • Janu1712
    Janu1712 Hace 8 meses +82

    This set is an actual piece of art

    • DJ Ralph Hunter
      DJ Ralph Hunter Hace 22 días

      @Lord Vader That’s all you got? smdh.

    • Lord Vader
      Lord Vader Hace 22 días

      @Ralph The DJ you just jealous that you're not her lmao

    • Ralph The DJ
      Ralph The DJ Hace 26 días

      Would of been better if she were actually DJ’ing.

  • Miguel Angel Nogales muňoz

    Muy buena sesión y el público a tope

  • Far sk
    Far sk Hace 9 días +2

    Классные треки, а диджей вообще шикарная.

  • Post Moderne
    Post Moderne Hace 18 días +1

    So beautiful to see people from all around the world together, Charlotte is amazing, hypnotic 😎🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

  • TMG
    TMG Hace 3 años +321

    She has been doing her thing for longer than most artists at Tomorrowland so glad to see her on the mainstage.
    Edit: she also played the mainstage in 2011 after winning a DJ contest from 1000s of other candidates.

    • Manuel Marlène
      Manuel Marlène Hace 5 meses

      @Kollins q

    • Juvin
      Juvin Hace 8 meses

      @TMG bro the only thing is crowd, people know commercial music more thats it

    • Sagar Naskar
      Sagar Naskar Hace 2 años


    • zenith
      zenith Hace 2 años

      In 2011 her scene name was Raving George.

  • Lars Langhoff
    Lars Langhoff Hace un año +11

    First time listening to her sound, but... DEFINATELY NOT THE LAST TIME 👍👍

  • Brendon
    Brendon Hace 2 meses +1

    I love this set ♥

  • pedroo_daniel_
    pedroo_daniel_ Hace 11 meses +25

    Bravo Charlotte!!! ❤🔥👏

  • Зоя Любимова
    Зоя Любимова Hace 2 meses +1

    Вау, я в восторге, улёт супер 👍 🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹спасибо больше!!!!!!!

  • Eben shaddai
    Eben shaddai Hace 3 años +1874

    Finally techno on mainstage. Good job tomorrowland.
    Crowd of kids, I know what you feel Charlotte 25:47

    • TSビートフレンド
      TSビートフレンド Hace 22 días

      #of live venue video, # Music performance speed is the highest. # Camera split cut split, # Realism and deep bass, # Stage production effect, # Stage LED spotlight production effect, # Stage large LED screen projection mapping video Directing effect, # 4 channel, # vertical fader, # horizontal cross fader, # EQ equalizer treble mid bass, # level meter trim, # headphones, creative dance female DJ controller mixer knob volume operation and turntable operation skill music I feel powerful with a futuristic image. 🙌👍❤️ Thank you. 😊

    • jasonn
      jasonn Hace 2 meses +1

      @SLAAQ I can tell you don’t like techno so don’t just say stuff that ain’t true that’s like me saying rock is the same every music I’d different that’s why music is so special

    • สุภัฒน์ หอมบุญมา
      สุภัฒน์ หอมบุญมา Hace 2 meses +1


    • สุภัฒน์ หอมบุญมา
      สุภัฒน์ หอมบุญมา Hace 2 meses +1


    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses +1

      @Belin Lau Lookin' young but professional.

  • Sid
    Sid Hace un año +1

    top top . toca muito

  • Kenny Ramsey
    Kenny Ramsey Hace 3 meses

    Piece of Art, great set Charlotte!

  • Rayo vivaldo
    Rayo vivaldo Hace 7 meses +2

    Charlotte de witte . We love her !!!🇲🇽🤘

  • aeligos
    aeligos Hace 4 meses +1

    Charlotte de Witte, thank you for enriching our lives...

  • Matilda
    Matilda Hace 3 años +411

    This crowd didn't deserve this set, it was unreal.

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses

      @Martin Seiller If u r deutsch, dann schreib ich in german. If not, dann folgt 1 translation. Wat geht ab bei Dir ? Do u have an idea? Get up, get up, get dizzy 2 it....🎶 Vllt. liegt es daran, daß die Trax ein bisschen länger sind als die norm. Chartmucke und die sich erstmal u.a. schön langsam aufbauen müssen. So wie Steve Mason immer zu sagen pflegte, and it builds and builds and builds....and goes and goes and goes........!!! Und außerdem soll Dich ja der fortlaufende immer wiederkehrende andauernde Rhythmus in rauschenden Trance versetzen. Umso länger, desto geiler. Das ist ja auch absolut so beabsichtigt. Brauch ich ja eigentlich gar nicht erwähnen. Entweder u feel it or not !

    • Louis Dehollain
      Louis Dehollain Hace 3 años

      @Peter Parameter hmmm.. oké ?

    • TundraBass954
      TundraBass954 Hace 3 años

      So true

    • Dana Dadkhah
      Dana Dadkhah Hace 3 años

      to your surprise you see a lot of diversity in the crowd and not all of them really have a clue about whats going on on each stage and it doesn't really matter. The one who know figure it out and enjoy themselves. I personally hated how some of the artists I loved played on different stages at the same time so I had to split the time and do some walking :D

  • Pranav Choudhary
    Pranav Choudhary Hace 8 meses +3

    This is the art of music 👌👌

  • Juan Jose
    Juan Jose Hace un año +4

    Precioso festival
    Preciosa directora de mezclas y pasiones....

  • jose cipriano vitor cipriano vitor

    muito bom

  • Ángeles Flores Bravo
    Ángeles Flores Bravo Hace un año +5

    Explosión de energía. Running🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️❤ me encanta la música electrónica 🥰

  • itaschi94
    itaschi94 Hace 3 años +855

    25:47 is the best reaction to this crowd.

    • Fpunkt Npunkt
      Fpunkt Npunkt Hace 6 meses

      @Donald D hahahaha "actual music" good one

    • PHNTCZ
      PHNTCZ Hace 9 meses +1

      @verapamil07 No, lol. Techno and Hardstyle are completely different and doesn't belong to the same subgenre of Techno.
      Just because both genres uses 4x4 beats doesn't mean that they're the same.
      Hard Rock, Metal and Death Metal aren't the same either just because they have a drummer, guitar players, bass player and vocalists. They're extremely different too.
      How dense are you to not understand basic music theory?

    • verapamil07
      verapamil07 Hace 9 meses

      @PHNTCZ Techno and hardstyle are literally the variations of the same techno genre. You are essentially saying that hard rock , metal and death metal are all very different whereas in reality they are very close. Reggae and Beethoven are completely different.

  • Sotiris Papadimas Photography

    She's just unbelievable !!!

  • Baptiste Allouis
    Baptiste Allouis Hace 2 meses +1

    A fond dans les écouteurs 💥🔥

  • Bernard Janse Van Rensburg
    Bernard Janse Van Rensburg Hace un año +11

    I absolutely love this set! The MC though. Jesus dude, let the lady do her magic. You are totally killing the vibe!

  • Roksana Kwiatek
    Roksana Kwiatek Hace 10 meses

    Super muza👍👌❤️❤️❤️❤️

    WRATH Hace 3 años +51

    20:45 She Killed it, perfect drop, perfect set, techno on mainstage, the best !

  • Aileen Lawson
    Aileen Lawson Hace un mes +24

    1.Hermosa eleccion Kissss.Uno de mejor ❤️
    2. elecciones 9.5/10
    3. culturales )l 9.3/10
    ''Son unos de los mejores conciertos''.

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez Hace 18 días

    Amo esta niña 👧 💕 😍

  • Cecilia Hernández
    Cecilia Hernández Hace un mes

    Muchas gracias por tan buena música te esperamos pronto en España saludos cordiales y éxitos cami y ceci y maxi y antonio besos para todos

  • jozef polak
    jozef polak Hace 23 días

    Awesome,it’s charged me with life energy.THX

  • David VA
    David VA Hace 3 años +86

    Probably the best music that will be played on the MainStage. But so awkward to see that those EDM addicts don't know how to handle proper Techno. I follow Charlotte since the beginning as she's a friend of my sister. Amazing set Charlotte !!

    • Bryson Connolly
      Bryson Connolly Hace un mes

      True. EDM is the parent genre of all electronic dance music. Saying someone is an EDM addict is pretty vague. You need to be a bit more specific.

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses

      R u also Belgian ?

    • rahul navalkar
      rahul navalkar Hace 7 meses +1

      I agree completely. These EDM addicts don’t know how to handle Techno AT ALL!

    • DjJaviG16
      DjJaviG16 Hace 7 meses +1

      Techno is EDM

    • ABLAZ X (Armaniblast)
      ABLAZ X (Armaniblast) Hace 3 años

      Lucky bastard!
      Cheers friend San Diego CA 😁

  • Esat Fireblade
    Esat Fireblade Hace 8 meses +5

    Excellent Dj! Gerçekten en iyi performans gösterdiği sahnelerden birisi. Sen bir harikasın Charlotte De Witte.
    From Turkey

  • Rufus Reportage
    Rufus Reportage Hace un año +18

    What a fantastic set! Up there with everything else, how about Universe 1993 since we're talking big gigs with, well everyone really. Respect! CdW:-)

  • andrei 2
    andrei 2 Hace 3 meses +1

    From 14:20 to 17:00 it hits you from inside you keep shaking

  • salv236
    salv236 Hace 7 meses +3

    i love how chalotte dropped in trance allstars - first rebirth into her set.

  • Cece
    Cece Hace 3 años +172

    She should've gotten a set in the night the visuals would have been dope it would give you a rave type of vibe it would have been even more amazing

    • Livid Coyote
      Livid Coyote Hace 2 meses

      The darkness and many lasers would make this set beyond euphoric

    • Yash Sonar
      Yash Sonar Hace un año

      Hello princess ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Isuru Ki
      Isuru Ki Hace 3 años

      Idalys Gabino

    • Chiara Bert
      Chiara Bert Hace 3 años +1


    • Mathias Andersen
      Mathias Andersen Hace 3 años

      I totally agree :D

  • Sandra  Bastian
    Sandra Bastian Hace 3 meses

    Boom 👊 das brettert von allen Seiten tolle Vibes meine Seele tanzt wunderschöne Einlagen. Meisterwerk Dankeschön für die Reise 🕉️🌎🪐

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia Hace 7 meses +10

    Este set es simplemente impresionante ✨

  • sabit ammaş
    sabit ammaş Hace un año +8

    You are not like a human being, you are an angel

  • Bertina Newton
    Bertina Newton Hace 2 meses +2

    23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 Topgirls.Uno de los mejores conciertos ❤
    23:23 Senada: ''Hermoso''
    23:23 Megan: ''Hotter''
    23:23 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    23:23 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    23:23 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    23:23 Amor: ''Momentos''
    23:23 Alfiora: ''Preety''
    23:23 Alana: ''Awesome''
    23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤.

  • Israel de Jesús Robles
    Israel de Jesús Robles Hace 3 años +130

    25:47 la reaccion de Charlotte , se da cuenta que la gente solo esta ahi por moda de EDM, bien por el techno. Eres excelente Chrlotte

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses

      Israel de Jesús Robles,are you from Spain or South America? I don' t speak any spanish really, no hablamoś espánol, but i comprende what u mean at 45 : 47. It' s so funny. El locos. I' ve never come 2 Mallorca yet like other 700 Mio.😆 Alemaná' 's did. I' ve only been once 2 Spain near Salou 40 yrs ago. But i can say: Una cerveza por favore ! 😆 Muchos importante. German greets.

    • Elsa Capuntas
      Elsa Capuntas Hace 4 meses

      @jose hernandez el techno, por mucho q os duela a los ultras del techno, es edm

    • pinetti Pierluigi
      pinetti Pierluigi Hace un año


    • Youssouf Sidibé
      Youssouf Sidibé Hace 3 años


    • Gabriel Perera
      Gabriel Perera Hace 3 años +1

      @Hey! Arnold Lo que pasa es que el Tech/Hard Trance también está surgiendo últimamente y lo ponen bastante en ASOT. Debe ser por eso que lo dijo.

  • Gavin Finlayson
    Gavin Finlayson Hace 8 meses +4

    CDW is a beautiful soul and a wonderful DJ ❤️

  • Christian Molina
    Christian Molina Hace 7 meses +1

    Everytime I see this set makes me feel alive

  • Garcia Garcia
    Garcia Garcia Hace un año +14

    it's been 2 years since I started listening this video, really awesome!

    • James C
      James C Hace 9 meses +1

      Same here, can’t stop listening 😜😅👍

  • zeyxi
    zeyxi Hace 4 meses

    Super klang, sie hat es echt drauf Respekt!👌

  • Ruben Steven
    Ruben Steven Hace 3 años +332

    00:00 FJAAK - Gewerbe 15 [thanks to: A]
    04:00 Spektre - Carnival of Souls
    10:00 Thomas Schumacher - Embody
    15:00 Keith Carnal - Racidence
    18:00 Wehbba - Process
    23:00 Charlotte de Witte - Kuda
    26:00 Charlotte de Witte - Remember [thanks to: Christos Vasilakis]
    31:00 Charlotte de Witte - This
    35:00 Rudosa - Activated [thanks to: Off Limitz]
    41:00 Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Charlotte de Witte Rework)
    47:00 Flug - Rave
    51:00 Scot Project - U (I Got A Feeling) (Eats Everything Reebeef)

    VIKRANT ENRIQUE Hace 11 meses +24

    20:40 OMG .. THAT BEAT.. she is Surely the queen of techno.

    • ghyt75
      ghyt75 Hace un mes

      I want to know what kind of shampoo and conditioner she uses too lol

      VIKRANT Hace 8 meses

      Yes...she is just fabulous

    • GouL 11
      GouL 11 Hace 10 meses +2

      and that smile 😊

  • Ludi
    Ludi Hace 6 meses

    Love it

  • Fabio Alagna
    Fabio Alagna Hace 6 meses

    Amo questa mega festa, perché questo è...🔥un evento che unisce veramente le persone di tutto il mondo..🖕🖕🖕🤘🤘🤘😍❤️

  • Recan Samir
    Recan Samir Hace 20 días

    Sometimes when i wake up. I pick my phone or whatever. Going on youtube, searching Charlotte de Witte Tomorrowland, going to 44:00-44:30 and enjoying. Then everything is clear.

    OLIVERIO BARBOSA ROJAS Hace 3 años +53

    Cuando aún no tienes cómo viajar pero tienes las notificaciones de todos los eventos de Tomorrowland ❤️

  • HUMAN x2
    HUMAN x2 Hace 3 meses

    39:17 best build up to drop of the set IMO.

    • HUMAN x2
      HUMAN x2 Hace 3 meses

      And 43:52 is a mellow feels good drop.

  • Станислав Тиунов

    Умничка балдею от тебя и твоего вдохновенья писать музыку

  • Christian Rees
    Christian Rees Hace un año +10

    Sehr sehr geiles Set und sehr geiler Style erinnert mich sehr an die 90er 👍👍😘

  • Олександр
    Олександр Hace 4 días

    это прекрасно

  • Tom97
    Tom97 Hace 2 años +185

    You can see how concentrated she is, constantly working on getting the mix just right. Now that is what I call a good DJ

    • Ralph The DJ
      Ralph The DJ Hace 26 días

      @TxInfinity If she’s a true DJ, why is the equipment not even powered up?

    • Ralph The DJ
      Ralph The DJ Hace 26 días

      Did you notice the equipment wasn’t even on?

    • zoob77
      zoob77 Hace 2 meses

      What I would call a good DJ is a good musician who engages her audience when doing a live performance - but people like different things

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses +1

      That indicates a good quality dj(ane) 4 sure. No waving with hands up in the air, no clapping and no shouting. NO claptrap. Just pure seriously mixing as it's supposed 2b !

    • TxInfinity
      TxInfinity Hace 4 meses +1

      She's a true DJ. Not many nowadays can actually differ from DJ's and a stage personality.

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia Hace un año

    Muero por algun dia ir a uno de esos conciertos

  • kafa kafka
    kafa kafka Hace un año +5

    her dinlediğimde ayrı zevk alıyorum. tarif edilemez

    • kafa kafka
      kafa kafka Hace 9 meses +1

      @Yumru Özyalı 26. Dakika da ki minik bir tebessümü var onu yakalıyor musun 😁

    • Yumru Özyalı
      Yumru Özyalı Hace 9 meses +3

      Aga bunun kafasını herkes bilemez bilmesinler de 😀

  • Darlene Miller
    Darlene Miller Hace 2 meses +21

    Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.
    250 sentadillas son unos HOTLOVE.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio.
    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍
    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖
    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  • Frank Rozendaal
    Frank Rozendaal Hace 11 meses

    Mindblowing fantastic!!!

  • Richard Hopkins-Smith
    Richard Hopkins-Smith Hace 3 años +94

    What an amazing set, And crowd had noooo idea how good that was 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leonard Scerri
    Leonard Scerri Hace 9 meses +1

    Great sounds Super Charlotte!!!

  • Defaillance
    Defaillance Hace 5 meses +1

    Love it too much:)

  • Miguel Angel Nogales muňoz

    Brutal sesión

  • Dilshan Suresh
    Dilshan Suresh Hace un año +10

    This is the third time I have heard this. There are no words to say. This is a strange madness to go to another world 🤗👌👌

  • Tasos Gkiokas
    Tasos Gkiokas Hace 2 años +230

    I'm 40 years old ,
    This is one of the best techno sets I have ever heard .

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses

      @Hafiz Naim They invented it !

    • g4zzen
      g4zzen Hace 9 meses

      some tracksídeo.htmlídeo.htmlídeo.htmlídeo.html
      and some mixes:ídeo.htmlídeo.htmlídeo.htmlídeo.htmlídeo.html

    • Jack So
      Jack So Hace un año

      if it 's te best set you have heard you don't know too much techno...because charlotte de vitte is a poor dj and producer in fact

    • Professeur Suet
      Professeur Suet Hace un año

      Me too. I am 42.

  • Joshua Menard
    Joshua Menard Hace 10 meses +1

    I ❤️ Charlotte De Witte

  • JAO BS
    JAO BS Hace 6 meses +1

    Es un bonbon esta mujer, es la technoqueen de mi corazón. chula!!!

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson Hace 11 meses

    Hardest and MOST Fuego set at Tomorrowland by a Female DJ. I'm taking notes for and of the future path of house music. I'm here for it!!!

  • Kennin Rince
    Kennin Rince Hace un año +1

    She is the best!

  • Cristian Rivera
    Cristian Rivera Hace 11 meses +10

    22 MILLINES DE VISTAS! wooooww, increible crecimiento, de como la conocemos de antaño, raving george, aun recuerdo hace unos ayeres que este set apenas llegaba alos 2 millones de visitas:

  • Solaman Jose
    Solaman Jose Hace 10 meses +8

    That smile before the drop.... 😄😀

  • Danuska
    Danuska Hace 7 meses +1


  • Thomas Wolf
    Thomas Wolf Hace 14 días

    The queen on the turntables ❤️❤️

  • GrimReaperNZ
    GrimReaperNZ Hace 3 años +36

    i like how she rocks out to her own beats not many seem to do that anymore

  • Darcy Plett
    Darcy Plett Hace 10 meses +5

    A friend recommended this to me ...all I can say is WOW!.WOW!.WOW!!! for life .....her beauty comes out in her music ... AMAZING!!!!!!

  • DaniGhost8
    DaniGhost8 Hace 8 meses +1

    Épico 👽✌️

  • PSIHA11556
    PSIHA11556 Hace un año +2

    Much respect and love for the DJ🤘💜💙💛🧡❤

  • Ali Rabier
    Ali Rabier Hace 10 meses

    Super son et bon mélodie et super dj à toi cdw continue comme ça

  • Julia
    Julia Hace un año +122

    This woman is incredible.. It's a shame I only found out about her during the quarantine

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 2 meses

      @Siya Faku But that "teen" does it quite professional, i guess......

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 2 meses

      @Julia Haha, i`ve discovered her 2 yrs earlier, but still 2 late. I also wish i`ve known her b4 that, too!

    • Muhammad Rajjab
      Muhammad Rajjab Hace 4 meses


    • Porton_03
      Porton_03 Hace un año

      @Siya Faku she's 28

    • Padraig Reilly
      Padraig Reilly Hace un año +1

      Better late than never🔊

  • Trance Drop
    Trance Drop Hace 5 meses

    You make great content!I really like it!Love you and prosperity!

  • Erik Dahlqvist
    Erik Dahlqvist Hace 9 meses

    Wow! Love this music. Takes you places. Where can you enjoy this kind of music if you want the genuine experience?

  • Ahmad Khalid Nasrat
    Ahmad Khalid Nasrat Hace 11 meses +1

    OUSTANDING, Now I realize that this was my biggest mistake that I didn't participate this event when I was in Europe on 2018.

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses

      Especially it' s a pity for not visiting her set.

  • Ricky Poerba
    Ricky Poerba Hace un año +1

    Loved it..🍻

  • Colin S
    Colin S Hace 3 años +95

    Not afraid to mix at a live set. Take note other DJs cause this is how it's done.

    • ingo bund
      ingo bund Hace 3 meses

      @High Grade Handmade manual djaying on real turntables will 4 ever b the best, that's 4 sure.Vinyl is getting back again more + more. MayB they'll get a real big renaissance again. That would b very nice. But 1st of all the music + the setting has 2 b good.

    • High Grade
      High Grade Hace 3 años

      It appears very ridiculous not to play live on decks today. I remember 00-s when you can only see time left on the CD deck, now it syncs itself and you only need to adjustvolume

    • Riccardo Meneghini
      Riccardo Meneghini Hace 3 años

      Who actually played a pre-recorded set?

    • Mathias Andersen
      Mathias Andersen Hace 3 años

      true written bro! :)

  • House Grooves
    House Grooves Hace 11 meses

    Big tunes! 🎶🎵

  • Péter Mosonyi
    Péter Mosonyi Hace 9 meses +7

    Charlotte De Witte, a wonderful, beautiful young woman, attractive, and amazing performancer!
    Come on baby, let's go, and push it with MILLION!

  • ingo bund
    ingo bund Hace 3 meses

    Been watchin' this several times. Probably the best act there by far 4 sure bsides Cox Box + Cherry moon trax. Love her style, her look and her moves. Funny 2 see how embarrassed she acts at the yellin' of hey hooooo and 7 nation army over + over. She really got turned off at 25:47. Could watch it again + again. That makes me 😆😂 stunned every time.

  • Donuttman23
    Donuttman23 Hace un mes

    Stand back. And be ready to be taken into another dimension by the one....
    Charlotte De Witte.

  • 7thSmurf
    7thSmurf Hace 3 años +694

    its a SHAME they had her play during SUNLIGHT.. a set like this would have been much better with lasers and colored clouds of VAPOR in the DARK !

    • can_of_woopwoop
      can_of_woopwoop Hace 16 días

      lol you people have problems 🤦‍♂️

      KOALALUV Hace 6 meses

      yea but can't you see theirs a bunch of kids who only know edm not techno.

    • JB.
      JB. Hace 8 meses

      I have my own lasers and they are dancing

    • bart dumont
      bart dumont Hace 8 meses

      they let the small fish play during the day

    • reincarnashan
      reincarnashan Hace un año

      With 20:48 playing in the background

  • Sagar gurjar
    Sagar gurjar Hace 7 meses +1

    Amazing Tomorrowland